Permanent Makeup makes it possible to “Wakeup with Makeup” everyday. It’s also a cheaper alternative to having to buy expensive makeup regularly.

3D Eyebrow Micro Blading

3d Eyebrow Microblading is the art of creating the most natural looking brows and is done at The Artists Touch. In addition to having the common benefits and advantages of typical traditional permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, the 3d Eyebrow Tattoo is unique for its most its natural looking hair strokes. 3d Eyebrow Tattoo is an almost painless procedure, taking about 3 hours including paperwork, measure and design, anesthetics and procedure. There’s usually very little or no bleeding, no downtime, with minimal swelling so clients can resume almost all normal activities immediately. Healing takes about 10 days to 2 weeks and if the aftercare instructions are followed carefully the results should be excellent. One touchup is included in the price.

Lip Micro Pigmentation

As we get older the borders of our lips become less defined and our natural lip colour lightens, in our teens we may be blessed with naturally full and plump lips but at a certain age the upper lip deflates and becomes thinner. Without changing one’s natural features one can enhance, with permanent makeup, what they already have in a subtle and youthful way.

Eyeliner Micro pigmentation

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner can enhance and change the shape and size of the eye by creating an optical illusion using lines and/or color.  It can be dramatic or subtle.

The accuracy of the tattoo needles allow precision not possible with eyeliner pencils…and it stays in place. There is no smudging, smearing or reapplying eyeliner on a daily basis. One can literally wake up (or swim) with permanent makeup.

There are many Permanent Makeup Eyeliner styles to choose from.  The colors can be soft, bold, or bright.  The line can be thin, medium or thick. There are different techniques to apply permanent eyeliner eg  the more natural Eyelash Enhancement which is pigment tattooed through the lashes only to create the illusion of thick dark lashes without a harsh line.

More pigment can always be added to create a thicker line.  The tail can extend pass the eye or taper off at the end of the eye. You can use one color, or several colors. The bottom lid can be lined through the lashes as well to create a natural but more enhanced look.  The upper and lower eyelid color can be different.

Eyes and Lips Permanent Makeup

Restoration Pigmentation

Scars due to surgery, burns or acne

At The Artist’s Touch, we offer the latest pigmentation techniques and technology to camouflage scars matching the client’s natural skin tone.

Areola Repigmentation

For Mastectomy or breast reconstruction patients , we can recreate a realistic areola and 3 dimensional nipple . Using an artist’s many years of training and experience in color theory and anatomy we will duplicate the client’s natural skin color and use light and shadow to recreate the complete natural breast.

Scalp Pigmentation

The Artist’s Touch helps men and women to gain back their confidence and youthful appearance by offering client-tailored Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatments that repair thinning hair, scarring and male pattern baldness.