Permanent Makeup for the lips is used to intensify the color of the lips (whether one wants just a natural look or a brighter color). It can be used to create fuller, more sensual lips or to slightly change and improve the natural shape of the lips or to hide a scar or light or dark patches on the lips. Using a wide range of shades to create a pigment that perfectly complements the skin tone, more color added to our lips can eliminate the need to apply cosmetic lipstick on a daily basis. Also – permanent lip color does not “bleed ” into the wrinkles around the mouth! Lip pigmentation also can correct asymmetrical lips, uneven vermillion borders and scars.

Free Consultation

Prior to the procedure the technician will explain full details of the procedure as part of your free, no-obligation consultation. The consultation will also give you an opportunity to discuss your requirements with the technician allowing you to work together to create the desired look for your lips; choosing from a variety of shades and shapes. The choice of color will be based on your natural lip coloring. Although natural is always recommended, there are a variety of colors available.

Lip Liner or Lip Color

Sometimes lipliner alone can look artificial. If the color complements your skin tone or you really like the look of a definitive line around the lips, then lip liner may be a good choice for you. Otherwise, If your choice of color contrasts with your skin tone, a full lip color procedure is recommended. Small lips will only look smaller with a defining lip liner so a full lip procedure is recommended in this case as well.
Natural colors will look like your natural lips, but better. You can always wear lipstick over any permanent lip color to change your look, depending on your outfit, mood or special occasion. Because lips have a natural cool undertone, matching a desirable color is dependent upon the skin type and color.
The shape of the lip.

For clients who want to have larger appearing lips, usually going to the very outer edges of the vermilion border of the lip is sufficient. Extreme caution must be taken when extending the color further into the surrounding skin. Minor alterations to the lip line to attain symmetry are done routinely.

Lip Pigmentation Procedure Information

The technician will draw on the shape before tattooing and show the client before proceeding. A topical anesthetic cream will be applied to numb the area to be treated before the procedure. You will also receive aftercare instructions with full details of how to care for the treated area.

Immediately after the tattooing process the color will appear very vibrant and intense. Within a few days the top layer of the tattooing will exfoliate and It is important not to disturb the exfoliation process by picking at parts of the lips. After approximately a week, most of the residual lips tattooing has exfoliated. The lips are sometimes tender and often remain that way to the touch for a few weeks. It is recommended to wait a minimum of three to eight weeks before the touchup procedure.

During this healing period the lips will appear different. They may appear “frosty” on and off or they may appear brighter if the body is unusually warm (after a warm shower) or duller if the body is unusually cool (eg. if the weather is cold.) Within six-eight weeks the lip color settles in and the final color is seen. At the follow up appointment adjustments will be made if necessary.

Touch Up Appointments

Finally, permanent lips color may fade considerably – sooner with a lot of sun exposure. You will almost always need at least one touchup appointment and maybe two to achieve the intensity of the final color you desire.

Be sure to tell your technician if you suffer from cold sores (herpes simplex). If so anti-herpes medication must be taken a few weeks before the procedure. Permanent cosmetic color must be protected from the sun so when the lips are healed choose a lip balm that has a good sun protection factor.

Each procedure varies depending on client desires and skin types.

Cleft Lip Surgery

For those people who have had surgery to correct a cleft lip, reshaping the lips with permanent makeup can be achieved, helping to recreate natural lip colour and a symmetrical lip shape as well as helping to successfully camouflage scarring as a result of surgery.

Women who have had cleft lip surgery may still be left feeling that their lips aren’t as full or shapely and as they would like them to be.

A cleft lip reconstruction procedure can help to create a natural-looking lips outline and Cupid’s bow.

Why should I choose THE ARTIST’S TOUCH for my lips procedure?

With her commitment to client care, Jenifer uses her professional expertise as a Permanent Makeup and Medical Micro pigmentation technician and thirty years of experience as a professional artist, (painter and sculptor) to give clients natural enhancement with Permanent Makeup to improve their features.

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