Tattoo or Permanent Makeup removal

Tattoo or Permanent Makeup removal is a process and requires patience. Sometimes all the pigment can be removed and sometimes it can only be significantly lightened. Pigments contain very small amounts of iron oxide as well as organic. Carbon pigments may be more difficult to remove.

When correcting old tattoos – If the color has changed, it can always be corrected and, if necessary, also the shape an be improved by removing some parts and repigmenting certain areas to improve the shape.
Eyeliner and lip liner can also be lightened or removed. There are several techniques for removing permanent makeup eg Saline, clay, laser, etc. Laser is not recommended for permanent makeup because it can only recognize and remove certain colors and often can cause colors to turn gray or black. Because laser cannot recognize and remove certain colors, the removal methods used by Permanent Makeup technicians are usually more successfulI and also is less likely to cause scarring. It is significantly less expensive than laser and can also remove or lighten the colors that laser does not recognize.

The products used for Permanent Makeup removal lifts color out of the dermis, up through the epidermis, forming a scab which exfoliates and pulls the pigment out of the skin. Several sessions may be necessary to completely remove all the color. It is necessary to wait at least 4 weeks between treatments so that the area can heal.

Topical anesthetic is used to keep the client comfortable during the procedure. During the aftercare, keeping the area absolutely dry until the scab falls off is of utmost importance. One should not plan the procedure less than at least 10 days before a beach vacation or a special occasion. One should not be pregnant or nursing and If there are any medical issues it is important to get clearance from an MD.

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